A Magick-al Introduction

      A practitioner of Magick takes a path that can be breathtaking. revealing a whole new world within you that influences the surrounding area in a way we all do in a regular basis through words for example. Learning the core foundations of why and how it works is a key element to mastering the art. There’s a reason why it’s called “SPELL-ing” and “CURSE-ing”! So what is Magick?       “Magick” was coined by Aleister Crowley to distinguish “stage magic” from the esoteric practices incorporating the will/Will. Simply put, magick is centered around change. The main component “will” – is about bringing on-demand an archetype, idea or vision within your consciousness to then change your surrounding environment through your deeds or actions. This can be done by performing rituals or doing spells; by which the sole purpose(s) are to bring your desire within yourself (Invocation) and manifest it through your “will” outwards (Evocation). “The art of changing consciousness at will” -Dion Fortune Where did Magick originate?           When researching an exact location or time in history where we have records of Magick appearing for the first time, we usually stumble upon a vast ocean of beliefs, myths, folklore or, but not limited to, different origin stories all around the world. It is impossible to date the exact time nor to know where it first has originated. It is probably prehistoric to our records. Fascinatingly enough, we have spread esoteric knowledge all around the world. Talk about Continue Reading