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A Magick-al Introduction

      A practitioner of Magick takes a path that can be breathtaking.

revealing a whole new world within you that influences the surrounding area in a way we all do in a regular basis through words for example. Learning the core foundations of why and how it works is a key element to mastering the art.

There’s a reason why it’s called “SPELL-ing” and “CURSE-ing”!

So what is Magick?

      “Magick” was coined by Aleister Crowley to distinguish “stage magic” from the esoteric practices incorporating the will/Will.

Simply put, magick is centered around change. The main component “will” – is about bringing on-demand an archetype, idea or vision within your consciousness to then change your surrounding environment through your deeds or actions.

This can be done by performing rituals or doing spells; by which the sole purpose(s) are to bring your desire within yourself (Invocation) and manifest it through your “will” outwards (Evocation).

“The art of changing consciousness at will” -Dion Fortune

Where did Magick originate?

          When researching an exact location or time in history where we have records of Magick appearing for the first time, we usually stumble upon a vast ocean of beliefs, myths, folklore or, but not limited to, different origin stories all around the world.

It is impossible to date the exact time nor to know where it first has originated. It is probably prehistoric to our records. Fascinatingly enough, we have spread esoteric knowledge all around the world. Talk about a widely spread phenomenon!

So when you’re doing magick, you’re interacting with ancient knowledge and practices that predate human history. How cool is that?

A pentagram used in witchcraft and magick; with man underlaid. A depiction of the 5 corresponding elements above each of the points. Including earth, fire, water, air & ether/spirit.
The pentagram with man underlaid. A depiction of the 5 corresponding elements above each of the points. Including (Clockwise) ☸ Ether/Spirit , 🜄 Water , 🜂 Fire, 🜃 Earth , and 🜁 Air .

How do spells work?

      Spells are typically formulas which come in the form of a phrase, poem, written down or verbal, sung, spoken or chanted. They can form symbols and/or sigils; or be put into ritual dance. Any combination or single form can take place.

The most important key element is intention, as we now know we have to change our will (consciousness) for the spell to work.

For best results, intent should be true to the “self” and for the best result, and the will should be concentrated upon for longer periods.

In the end, what happens is that you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by a form of a self “hypnotic suggestion” which influences the subconscious mind to act upon the spell.

When we concentrate, believe and intent upon the outcome of the spell, we will see it unveiled as something we start paying attention to which will attract the end result.

Then we need to put ourselves into this position physically – that is how the magick of manifestation works.

The Ancient Kabbalah

          Kabbalah is an esoteric system which deals with the existence (and simultaneously; and paradoxically non-existence) of God. Often thought of as Jewish mysticism; Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew root קבלה , which means “to receive.”

Receive what you might ask?

The reception of true knowledge of thyself and of Ein Sof (the infinite); which is connected to each individual and inseparable.

The basic views of the system are in the belief that God is in everything and everyone.

The kabbalistic system is a continuum, a continuous series of elements, interconnected; an everlasting mind within us all.

The foundation of Kabbalah is in the Zohar, a collection of analyses on the Torah.

We also have the 10 emanations (Sephiroth [plural]; Sephirah [singular]) or famously known as the Tree of life (see below); which is a visual diagram depicting the Nature of the Universe.

An image of the Kabbalistic - Tree of Life; showing all the Sephiroth
An image of the Kabbalistic – Tree of Life; showing all the Sephiroth

Introducing Tarot

      The tarot is a pack of cards with the sole purpose of creating a symbolic map of our consciousness. The symbols present different concepts; relating to journeys that we all take in life.

These cards provide insight on what you already know through your abilities of the “will” but help present it more structurally. There are many different tarot decks, one of them utilising the Tree of life.

The purpose, however, is always the same – to tell you about your conscious and unconscious self, meaning – motivation, influences and feelings – through these images.

When doing readings, you rely on your intuition, the pure expression of the self, to guide you through finding what you already exists within you.

So tarot is a wonderful way to gain knowledge of self and to evolve as a human being, both spiritually and physically.

In conclusion

         The world of magick has many dimensions, tools to use and paths to take.

The things presented above give you just a basic overview of the way magick works, some of the paths (relating to following the kabbalah system) and tools to use (the tarot).

You now have a basic starting point to which you can further improve your knowledge and practices.

The most important element will always be your consciousness and how to build expression through it. So take the time to find what you desire to achieve and as Aleister Crowley would often say:

“Do what thou wilt”!

Liber AL vel Legis

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